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The Perfect Fit: Your Ultimate Guide to Press-On Nail Size Measurement

Updated: Apr 10

Welcome to the world of flawless manicures where convenience meets style – say hello to press-on nails! Gone are the days of waiting for polish to dry or for appointments at the salon. Press-on nails are here to glam up your hands in minutes. But, hold on! Before you dive into the dazzling array of designs and hues, let's talk size. After all, the secret to natural-looking, comfortable press-on nails is all in the fit.

Why Size Matters

Just like your favorite pair of shoes, the right fit is crucial. Ill-fitting press-on nails can be uncomfortable, may look unnatural, or worse, they might not stick around (quite literally!). So, let's get you sized up!

Step-by-Step Measurement Guide

Materials You'll Need:

  • Soft measuring tape or a strip of paper

  • A pen

  • A ruler if you're using paper


  1. Wrap it Up: Take the soft measuring tape or paper strip and wrap it around the widest part of your nail, right where your nail bed meets your skin.

  2. Mark the Spot: If you're using paper, make a mark where the end meets the rest of the paper.

  3. Measure Up: Lay the tape or paper flat and measure up to the mark in millimeters (mm).

Understanding the Sizing Chart

Our sizing chart is designed to help you find your perfect nail size quickly and effortlessly. Here's a quick overview:

  • Thumb: Generally the widest nail, often requiring sizes from 15mm (S) to 17mm (L).

  • Index Finger: Typically a bit slimmer than the thumb, ranging from 11mm (S) to 13mm (L).

  • Middle Finger: Usually similar in size to the thumb, with sizes from 12mm (S) to 14mm (L).

  • Ring Finger: Often the same size as the index or slightly larger.

  • Little Finger: The smallest nail, ranging from 8mm (S) to 10mm (L).

Pro Tips to Nail It

  • Always opt for a size that's slightly larger. You can file down the excess for that Cinderella-fit but adding back is not an option.

  • Once you nail the size with one brand, you're likely good to go with others, thanks to uniform sizing standards!

Visual Guide to Sizing Your Nails

And because we're all about making things easy, here's a visual guide that illustrates exactly how to wrap, mark, and measure.

Ready, Set, Press-On!

With your measurements in hand, you're all set! Pick your favorite style and transform your nails into a statement accessory.

Remember, a great fit means longer-lasting wear, comfort, and a seamless look. So, grab your measuring tape and find your perfect press-on nail size today!



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